New Here?

Welcome to Rockpoint Church!

We first want to tell you that you are welcome here. No matter what you’ve done or who you are, there is a place for you here. Expect to be met with warmth and love, from real people who have experienced the same overwhelming grace and love of Jesus Christ in their own lives, that is readily available to you. We are the church and as such this is a place for you to come to find healing, reconciliation, strength, fellowship, encouragement, and a place to grow in your faith.


What to Expect

We are thrilled that you want to check us out. If you are planning a visit to Rockpoint, here are a few things to help answer any questions you might have and some insight as to what you can expect.


Where & When?

First, you may be wondering what time the services are and how to get here. We are located a couple miles west of Stillwater, right off of the south side of Hwy 36 (you can see us from 36) and Keats Ave. Our three weekend worship opportunities are Sunday at 8am, 9:15am & 10:45am with 70-minute services. (Check out Service Times & Locations for further information)

  • Our early service on Sunday will provide an alternative worship context in order to expand worship engagement. The 8am service will have an unplugged/lighter feel to it, meaning that it will be different from our 9:15am and 10:45am services (both services are the same). During the 8am service, worship will be performed acoustically with the progressive use of acoustic guitars, light percussion, and piano (rather than with electrically amplified instruments). It will also explore other forms of worship, such as written prayers, congregational readings of the Bible, etc.



Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the service. Our parking lot is easy to navigate, and we have reserved parking for visitors near the center/front of the lot. After you park, you will make your way to the entrance and will be met by the warm smiles and welcomes from our Greeting Team.


Coming Inside

As you approach the front entrance, grab a Guest Guide out of the welcome stand outside the front door. Upon entering the building, you will find yourself in the Upper Gathering area. If you have children to check-in to the nursery or classes, stop by the New Family Check-In desk, and a friendly host will help get your child(ren) registered and show you where they can be dropped off. At the opposite end of the Upper Gathering area, you can grab a cup of coffee and a pastry. When you hear the music start to play, make your way into the worship center. There are ushers at every door and they would love to help you find a place to sit.


What should I wear?

God welcomes us as we are, but sometimes a person just wants to know what to wear. Formal and informal attire is all acceptable and we have members who dress both ways. Whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or a business suit, you are welcome to worship alongside us.


How long is the service?

Our actual service runs about an hour and ten minutes in length, but we love to enjoy an informal time of fellowship before and after each service.


What is a typical service like?

A typical service begins with an announcement video, then a time of worship music and singing. Then there is a biblically-centered message. After the message, we like to end our time together responding to God, again through music and song.


What kind of music?

Our music is rich in theology, diverse in musical style, and centered on the gospel of grace. There’s a little something for every musical taste, but it all centers around praising God.


Stop by the Connection Center

You’ll want to check out our Connection Center to get a little more acquainted with our church and grab a welcome gift. In it, you’ll find out about many of the ministries we have at Rockpoint as well as background on our church, information about our pastors, and news of upcoming events.