Alan & Joyce Anderstrom

Church Planters with BILD


Bob & Nancy Brydges

Brydges Centre, Nairobi Kenya


Philip & Suzanne Falconer

EFCA TouchGlobal / Global Fingerprints, Africa

Philip and Suzanne work under the auspices of ReachGlobal in two different spheres of African ministry.  Phil works with the TouchGlobal team and its allied partner churches that respond to worldwide crises with active compassion.  His work is hands-on as he ships needed supplies to faraway medical centers and missionaries in rugged areas.  Suzanne is a facilitator-in-training with Global Fingerprints (GF), a service that seeks to care for the most vulnerable children in areas of extreme need.  Her role is to build a strong team and strategy for the development and execution of the GF program within the context of the local churches.  Her work involves training and equipping site staff for program execution and ensuring the GF program is operating optimally in-country.


Enrique & Becky Fernandez

EFCA ReachGlobal, Costa Rica

Becky and Enrique have been EFCA ReachGlobal missionaries for 20 years. At present we are involved with ProMETA, a theological school that is training and equipping key Christian leaders in the Spanish-speaking world. In Latin America only, there is the need of thousands of trained leaders, rooted in the biblical text, to lead the church in the proclamation of the gospel in a context plagued by poverty, crime and violence.

As a member of ProMETA, I am one of the four officers who form the Executive Council, as well as Director of the Contextual Studies Department and Director of Institutional Relations. Apart from these administrative responsibilities, I am also a course writer and professor.

I am a consultant to the only EFC in Guatemala, which is implementing a far reaching, strategic plan, to establish new churches, influence the public school system, implement development strategies, and promote and provide health services to nine Mayan communities in rural Guatemala.

Becky is also working for ProMETA with the responsibility to provide care and encouragement to students and their families, as well as serving as secretary to the ProMETA Board of Directors.


Eb Flomo

H.E.L.L.O. Liberia (Help Encourage Liberia’s Little Ones)

HELLO’s mission is to encourage, educate, and equip Liberian children and youth whose hearts are towards servant leadership, God, and others. HELLO founders, Ebenezer Flomo and his wife, Janelle Voxland-Flomo, continue to listen to the needs of the people and to God’s leading in meeting those needs. HELLO was founded out of a response to God’s leading to help children who were caught up in a 14-year civil war. An extimated 15,000 children were made to fight and the war killed over 150,000 Liberians. HELLO came into the war-torn country with toys, clothes and shoes for children in the displacement camps. The intention was to love on the children and let them know that they have not been forgotten.


Elisa Laura

Healing Haiti


Joseph Mulwa

Nairobi, Kenya


Margaret Ngaira



Chase & Ysanne Olson

YWAM (Australia)

Chase is on staff with YWAM, (Youth With A Mission) based out of Australia. Chase’s position is to train and disciple his generation, and to empower them to further God’s Kingdom into other nations.  Every 5 months a new group of young people from all over the world come to their base and commit to seeking God, and discovering His plan for their lives. He walks closely with them for the first three months, bunking in the same house, doing daily chores, leading small groups and mentoring several of them with one on ones.  While they attend the discipleship training school, they (staff) begin the preparations for the two month mission trip they lead following completion of their schooling.  During the two month mission trip they do a variety of ministries based on the needs from the location they are serving. To date they have held gospel crusades, discipled and worked with prison inmates, developed VBS schools in the slums, traveled to remote villages with medical supplies, all the while spreading the Good News.  Every location where they travel, brings new challenges and breaks their hearts for the people of all nations, but God always reigns!  Following each school, they see a majority of the students completely and radically changed for the Kingdom of God!


Dave & Michelle Rofkahr

EFCA ReachGlobal, Home Office

EFCA ReachGlobal asked Dave and Michelle Rofkahr to return to the US.  As the Executive Director for Recruiting, Dave and his team seek to mobilize this generation and inspire the next to a lifetime of global missions commitment – praying, sending or going.

There are still 3 billion people who cannot come to know Christ today because there is no church among them or the resources to reach them.  There are only 3 missionaries to reach every 1 million Muslims, 5 missionaries for every 1 million Buddhists or only 6 missionaries for every 1 million Hindus.

Whether on campuses like Trinity and Moody, at local churches or Urbana’s missions conference, we must support a strong, winsome and experienced recruiting team as the voice and face of our mission – connecting with individuals to whom God is drawing to service.  The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Pray for God to use Dave and Michelle.


Ray & Karen Taucher


Ray and Karen serve on staff with Cru (formally Campus Crusade for Christ US) and have been with the ministry for 32yrs.  Presently Ray is working in Minneapolis/St. Paul with Cru Inner City, Cru’s Urban Compassionate Ministry to the less fortunate in our society.   Specifically Ray is helping to expand this important work into new cities across the country and helps with local outreaches in the Twin Cities as well.  He also leads several weekly bible studies locally and mentors a number of men throughout the area.  Karen works in Human Resources and Leadership development for CruCity National which is the overall organizational umbrella to the Adult Ministries in the U.S. of which Cru Inner City is one.


Dennis Tongoi

EFCA ReachGlobal, Africa-CMS

Despite political independence, the majority of Africans live in poverty in a resource-rich continent.  Poverty is the number one social problem on this continent.  It is important to recall that this was the focus of Jesus’ ministry as stated in his Nazareth Manifesto as he initiated the year of the Lord’s favor: The scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to him. Unrolling it, he found the place where it is written: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” Luke 4:17-19

We believe that the local church – the community of faith – is the representation of Christ in any community and is God’s chosen agency for Jubilee in response to the Nazareth manifesto and the context of Africa, has taken up the theme of stewardship with a focus on “Economic Empowerment” as we equip leaders in the church and leaders of the church to realize and release resources for holistic transforming mission.  Key outputs of our strategic focus are Mobilization, Modeling and Multiplying. The desired outcomes are Communities of Best Practice that are manifesting at least one indicator of transformation. The mobilization process is initiated with a 4 to 5-day VISION Conference that addresses the poverty mindset which has kept many Africans in bondage. As communities of faith learn to address their own problems and begin this process by using their own locally-available resources, this generational cyclic poverty propagated by often subconsciously-held cultural values and practices is broken. CMS-Africa is working to see a critical mass of at least five transformed communities in five African nations in the next five years.


Joy Turner

EFCA ReachGlobal, China

Joy’s current ministry is serving as the vice principal and teaching English at Evangel Adult Education Centre in Macau, China.  This education center was started in 1998 as a way of reaching out into the community with the gospel.  The goals are twofold: 1) to provide Macau citizens with quality education in a caring environment, and 2) to share the love of Christ and the good news of the gospel.  In her role as teacher, she tries to establish relationships with students that provide opportunities for sharing about God.   In addition, she sometimes leads an English Bible study, the centre organizes evangelistic outreaches for students, and now has a Sunday worship service that meets onsite at the school.

Anonymous Missionaries

Rockpoint supports a handful of missionaries who, for their safety, cannot be named.