One-On-One: Hope Giving

One-On-One Hope Giving

When you’re going through a tough time and need a little extra support, turn to other Rockpoint attenders who have experienced a similar struggle. When paired up with you, they will provide encouragement, prayer and share past experiences to help you through this difficult time.

Is One-On-One right for you?

If something has happened to turned your world upside down, we would love for you to benefit from having a Hope Giver come alongside you.

Hope Givers are not counselors or therapists, but they are committed to effectively listen and pray.  Their role is to reassure others of God’s work in their lives, not to solve problems or give advice.


How It Works?

After you’ve submitted your One-on-One Hope-Giving request, you’ll be matched with a Hope Giver, who will meet regularly with you to listen, encourage, and pray.


If you have questions or are aware of a congregational need for these services, please contact us.


Interested in becoming a One-on-One Hope Giver? Click here to learn more about becoming a One-on-One Hope Giver. Training is provided.