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Jonathan Anderstrom

Jonathan and his family started attending Rockpoint in 2010 and Jonathan joined the Leadership Board in 2016. He has enjoyed serving Rockpoint with the other members of the board.

Jonathan and his wife Stacy met and fell in love at University of Northwestern Saint Paul and were married in 2003. They are raising 4 kids and live in Hudson, WI. They run a web development agency with the team based out of Saint Paul. Jonathan was led to Rockpoint because of the generosity that Rockpoint gives towards the community and the devotion Rockpoint has to applying God’s word.

Jonathan enjoys adventure sports and spending time at the lake. He and his 3 brothers are 5-year standing champs of the University of Northwestern Alumni basketball game. When not involved with kid activities, work responsibilities, or Rockpoint events, Jonathan enjoys reading and going for a run in the state park.

Jonathan’s life is being transformed from the inside out by his relationship with Jesus Christ. His desire is to love God, love others, and to see Rockpoint actively reach the local and global community.