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Justin Brown

Justin has been at Rockpoint since he was born. He literally was born at the church. Just kidding. But he has been going to Rockpoint (formerly Lakewood E.F.C.) for his entire life. In junior high, Justin started to help out in the tech booth on Sunday mornings. In high school he ran the tech booth for the student ministry as well as helping out during the Sunday services. As such an important part of the Rockpoint family, Justin was hired to be on staff after he graduated high school and attended college. For many years, Justin served as Production Director and Video Producer at Rockpoint, but scaled down his role to just video production when he was hired on as the Video Producer for Resolute Ministries. Justin also serves as the Summer Photographer, Videographer, and Audio guy at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch. In 2013, Justin finished his last of two degrees in Video Production and Audio Engineering from Hennepin Technical College.

Justin currently lives in White Bear Lake and likes to spend his time off watching movies in his home theatre, photography, and hanging out with the student ministries staff.