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Simon Hearne

Simon joined the Rockpoint Leadership Board in 2013. Simon is an active church member and teaches Sunday adult classes and is a high profile advocate for the role of Christians in the Corporate business world.

Simon was born in London, England in 1963 and graduated from Leeds University with an honors degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology. Originally trained as a scientist, Simon gave up his doctoral studies in molecular biology to embark on his corporate career which took him to Australia. While in Australia, Simon met Christ & committed his life to the Lord. He became an active member of a local Baptist church and began graduate studies in Divinity at Morling College, Sydney. In 2010, he relocated to St. Paul, Minnesota where he lives with his wife and 4 Children, taking on the role of International Vice President for 3M Oral Care. Simon has recently completed two Masters Degrees at the University of Northwestern, one in Theology and the other in Divinity.

Simon has been married to his wife, Elaine for 26 years and they have four children; Sebastian (22), Jasmine (21), Annabelle (18), and Chester (15). Having lived in four different countries on three separate continents, you say that travel and global cultures are definitely areas of interest for him. His corporate role at 3M give him great privilege to travel extensively internationally, which provides frequent opportunities to share the gospel in cross cultural settings.

I have a real passion and empathy for the lost. Those that see no hope in this life beyond a struggle to survive in an unfair secular world. Without Christ, life has no meaning or purpose. With Christ, everyday is a gift and an opportunity to bring glory to God by demonstrating the fruits of the spirit. As Jesus commanded us in John 13:34-35, we are to love others as he has loved us and in doing so all people will know that we are his disciples.”